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Driveway Pavers San Diego

Driveway Pavers

How many times have you seen an outdated and cracked concrete driveway? Installing driveway pavers for your home instantly transforms and adds safety, durability, aesthetic appeal and increases the value of your property.

Pool Deck Pavers San Diego

Pool Deck Pavers

A safe and smart choice for any pool deck. View our gallery of pool deck paver installations – not only are they stunning and beautiful, but also a great option reduce any chance of slipping due to excess water. Shop the largest selection of pavers!

Patio Pavers San Diego

Patio Pavers

Pavers are a great option for your home’s patio and outdoor living spaces. Not only are they beautiful and a “WOW” factor, they are both strong and durable, giving you a lifetime of stress free outdoor living. See our gallery of patio pavers.

Backyard Pavers

Backyard Pavers

Pavers are such an essential role in your backyard. They allow for beautiful designs while lasting for decades. The natural colors and styles will compliment any style of home or lifestyle.

Courtyard Pavers

Courtyard Pavers

Choosing pavers in your courtyard allows for a gorgeous design while allowing for the small intricate details you are looking for. Turn your courtyard into a beautiful spot to gather and socialize.

Entrance Pavers

Entrance Pavers

One way to add a warm and inviting look to the front of your home is to add interlocking pavers. There are hundreds of different styles, colors, and patterns from the best brands. We can create the prefect look to compliment any home.

Walkway Pavers

Walkway Pavers

If you want to have a walkway that is made from the finest paver materials and installed by professionals, San Diego Pavers is the #1 go-to contractor. We’d be pleased to hear your styling preferences, so we can install the perfect walkway pavers for your outdoors.

Retainer Wall Pavers

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be a great addition to any outdoor space. If you have a slope or grade in your yard on your property that you need to retain for structural reasons, retainer wall blocks are the best way to do this.

Porcelain Paver Tile

Porcelain Pavers

Outdoor porcelain tile pavers have the same benefits as regular porcelain – frost-resistant, skid-resistant, durable and easy to clean – combined with incredibly high breakage loads up to 2,000 pounds (0.91 ton) creates the perfect solution for swimming pool, patios, gardens, terraces, and high traffic outdoor areas.