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Pool Deck Ideas For Inground Pools

by | Jul 11, 2020 | Paver Installation Tips

Summer is around the corner and many homeowners have plans for entertainment activities around their inground pool deck this summer. In case your pool deck isn’t as welcoming as you would like then it is the right time to discuss inground pool decking ideas with a designer and builder.

Bring your pool decking designs to life by sharing them with San Diego Pavers. What inground pool patio ideas are you entertaining for your designed and built swimming pool patio? Read on for 5 awesome pool deck ideas for inground pools.

Pool Deck Ideas For Inground Pools

Pool Deck Ideas For Inground Pools

Pool Overlook

The overlook is a vantage point from which you can observe activities in and around the pool below without getting your feet wet. It is a popular choice for the pool deck and sometimes can even be made into an overlook bar. It should be designed to seamlessly bridge the top upper deck with the inground pool areas.

The overlook when creatively designed and well built can also create visual memories for the swimmer in the pool. Gazing up to the upper heights of the overlook and into the sky, the swimmer sees amazing views enhanced by the designer’s theme and practical creativity. The overlook bar is ideal for entertaining and fun parties.

Color Co-ordinated Decks

Color coordination between your pool and deck is easy when you consider the dominant features around the inground pool. What thoughts and feelings could the outdoors and features around your house be evoking?  It could be sandy beaches, natural slate, and stone, rocky desert, or clear waters under a bright blue sky. A professional designer will support you to highlight the natural or created tones of your pool. They can also help to accessorize your house into a harmonious single theme.

Brown is a color option for capturing sandy beaches and brick pavers. The modern approach is to match nature with slate gray, arbor mist, and black colored pools. Your color choice is important to creating your pool deck.

Matching Deck and Patio Curves

Matching your deck and patio is key to achieving integration and a built-in single feel, which is the mission of San Diego Pavers. Unifying the deck and inground pool creates a perfect rhythm for a unified look inclusive of colors, materials, shapes, and curves of the pool deck. A professional designer will subtly work with the natural curve or rectangular shape of the inground swimming pool in creating the required harmony.

Secluded Spaces Overlooking the Pool

Secluded spaces are an important consideration since your pool will be a lively area in your backyard. They may serve as a temporary quiet place or a brief hideout. A niche for privacy and seclusion with a vantage point for overseeing the various activities around your decked pool is bliss. Make the space interesting by accenting the flooring with intricate paver patterns.

Pool Deck Ideas For Inground Pools

Pool Deck Ideas For Inground Pools

Shade Structures Over Your Pool

A shade allows you the flexibility to use the pool area despite harsh weather. Plan for shades and lighting in your pool deck design. Installing a variety of shade structures provides practicality and fun to your luxurious backyard space. Additionally, shades make your pool area perfect for swimming, lounging, or walking in any kind of weather.

Pool shade sails, pergolas, underdeck grottos, gazebos, pool houses, and patio walkway shades are all options for enhancing the inground pool deck patio.

For more information on pool deck designs as well as pavers, such as how to clean oil stains off pavers, read the rest of our blog.