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How to Kill Weeds Between Pavers – What Should I Put Between Pavers?

by | Dec 23, 2019 | Paver Cleaning Tips

Aside from the obvious that they make pavers less appealing, weeds between pavers are annoying. Weeds seem to be invincible – they can grow anywhere (even in the smallest of cracks between pavers), so getting rid of them on your driveway or patio may seem like a challenge. But do not worry, if you are looking for some ways on how to kill weeds between pavers, we got your back.

How to Kill Weeds Between Pavers

Whether you are removing oil stains or fixing loose pavers, it is important to take care of your pavers. In this article we will take a look at a few tips to help you kill weeds between pavers. Prevention is better than cure, as they say, so make sure that your pavers are properly installed and polymeric sand is used to fill the gaps between pavers. But if it is too late to prevent weeds from sprouting, you have several ways to try to get rid of them from between your pavers. 

Using Salt 

A natural weed-killing product commonly seen in your kitchen is salt. To create a saltwater formula, just mix three parts of water and 1 part of salt. Apply it on the weeds carefully, as saltwater is also detrimental to other plants.

Using Baking Soda 

One of the simplest ways to kill weeds and prevent them from growing is household baking soda. Since it is a natural product and is therefore safe for

How to Kill Weeds Between Pavers

How to Kill Weeds Between Pavers

the environment, you have nothing to worry about soil contamination. 

Also known as sodium bicarbonate, baking soda has a high salt content that when it is poured over the weeds, it will cause them to dry out from the roots to tips and eventually die. To use baking soda for this purpose, wet the weeds using your garden hose and sprinkle the baking soda on top of them. 

Baking soda is also helpful on how to stop weeds from growing between pavers. Just pour baking soda over your pavers and sweep it into the cracks. Do this ideally during spring or fall, and you should reapply every 1 to 1 ½ month. 

Using Vinegar 

Will vinegar kill weeds between pavers? Like baking soda, vinegar is natural and safe to use to kill weeds. The acetic acid in the vinegar will draw out the moisture out of the weeds and will cause them to die. If you want fast results (usually within 24 hours), vinegar is the one to use.

To make a formula, mix the following ingredients: 1 gallon of white vinegar, 1 teaspoon of concentrated dish soap, and 2 cups of table salt. 

However, take note that vinegar is harmful to all plants and not only to weeds. You do not want to spray it accidentally over decorative plants, so make sure you apply it on weeds and paver cracks using a spray bottle. 

Using Chemicals

Aside from natural products, you can also opt to use chemical herbicides. These chemicals come in two general types:

How to Kill Weeds Between Pavers

How to Kill Weeds Between Pavers

  1. Pre-emergent – They work on plant seeds and seedlings, forming a barrier that stops germination.
  2. Post-emergent – They work on growing weeds and have two types:
    1. Selective herbicides – They specifically target weeds, so it is safe to apply them to the whole patio.
    2. Non-selective herbicides – They kill every type of plant they come in contact with, so apply them carefully in the middle part of the paved area.

Pressure Washing

If you do not want to use any products or chemicals, pressure washing is the best way to kill weeds between paving stones. Simply pull the weeds by hand, and then use a pressure washer around the paver stones to remove the roots. Be careful though, as you only want to remove debris and sand and leave the bedding layer of the pavers alone and intact.


How do you keep weeds from growing between pavers?

Like most plants, weeds thrive in a cool damp environment. Having proper drainage beneath your pavers will help prevent the growth of weeds. You can also do other preventative tips, such as regularly sweeping and brushing the area to prevent seedlings from taking roots.

Do weeds grow between pavers?

Yes, and weeds that grow between pavers start from seeds settling and taking roots in the cracks or gaps between the pavers. To prevent this from happening, regular sweeping should be done.

Will vinegar kill weeds between pavers?

To kill weeds between pavers, you can choose from the many ways available. One of them is using vinegar. Since vinegar is natural and cost-effective, it is an ideal product to use to get rid of annoying weeds.

If you are repairing your pavers or are working on creating a new one, preventing the growth of weeds should be one of your priorities. Does polymeric sand prevent weeds? Yes, so make sure you use it to fill paver gaps. But if you already have a weed problem in your patio or driveway, there are a ton of solutions on how to kill weeds between pavers. You can use salt, baking soda, vinegar, or chemical herbicides to kill weeds and prevent them from growing again. It is not too late to revive your beautiful pavers. If you would like more assistance on removing weeds between pavers contact our experts here at San Diego pavers