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How to Fix Loose Pavers

by | Dec 6, 2019 | Paver Repair

Don’t know how to fix loose pavers? It’s imperative you know– loose pavers not only are visually disastrous, but they can become hazardous for people walking by. Sometimes pavers get loose after installation, but sometimes other circumstances can cause them; this is not the major problem, though. If you don’t know how to fix sunken pavers, much less how to fix gaps in pavers, it’s time you get started on some 101 Paver Maintenance before you run into a safety issue in your patio.

How to Fix Loose Pavers

If you are remodeling your backyard, you may want to know how to fix loose pavers. Let’s take a look at how to fix loose pavers and examine some potential reasons behind your pavers becoming loose out of the sudden. By the end of this article, you’ll be ready to make your patio safe again for your guests.

Why Are Your Pavers Loose?

Although it’s hard to pinpoint the reasons behind the loosening of your pavers, there are some potential culprits you should be aware of from now on. This will help you perform an optimal maintenance in the future, as you’ll know how to trace the problem back to its root.

How to Fix Loose Pavers

How to Fix Loose Pavers

  1. If you didn’t use spacers when installing your pavers to make uniform spaces, then there is too much space between them. Close-tight pavers aren’t just for looks: it’s to make the whole surface stronger and stabler.
  2. Did you compact the sand base? If you didn’t, then a shifting base could have dislodged your pavers.
  3. If you skimped filler sand, then there’s not enough sand to keep the pavers in place.
  4. Pavers usually start wearing around the edges when they’re old enough. This can be fixed with a proper edging installation, though.
  5. Are your pavers inclined? Do they let water flow smoothly? If they’re not, they will absorb moisture and get damaged.

Fixing Loose Pavers

The only way to fix loose pavers is by adding more sand; it will strengthen the base and keep the tiles on their place for a long while. This is how you do it:

  1. Pull out the loose paver and spread the sand out into a flat layer. Tamp it down until it is even and solid. This will create a strong base for the paver.
  2. Place the paver in the space and the surrounding pavers are around its same height. Adjust the sand until they’re all on the same level.
  3. Gently tap the paver in place with a rubber mallet until it’s in place. Adjust sand and tap as many times as needed until the level is the one you’re looking for.

Pouring Sand and Sweeping Can Help

How to Fix Loose Pavers

Although our step-by-step has taught you how to fix loose pavers, you need to keep in mind that pavers get loose after installation and maintenance works time later, so you’ll have to repeat this process now and then.

Still, it’s possible to make pavers remain in place for a longer time if you pour sand over the area and use a push broom to move it around. Wet the sand down and repeat the process until you completely fill the gaps.

Sweep, sweep, sweep, until you’re satisfied with your job.

Helpful FAQ’s

How do I fix loose edges on my pavers?

If you can’t afford the aforementioned edgings, then simply follow our guide. Just because it is an edge doesn’t mean that the whole paver can come out later on, so better to it now than to be sorry later.

How do you keep pavers from moving?

You can prevent the pavers from shifting by adding a solid edge to your patio, like cement, plastic or metal edging. Once you do this, you can spread polymeric sand over the surface and sweep it into the gaps, so they can stay in place.

So, how to fix loose pavers? To summarize, you just need to add more sand. As our article taught you, pavers get loose after installation and over time, but it can be fixed by simply adjusting the sand amount beneath the pavers. Now that you know how to fix sunken pavers how to fix gaps in pavers, your patio is a safe place for your social gatherings once again. If you would like more information, our professionals here at San Diego Pavers can assist you with your paving needs.