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San Diego Pavers, LLC is a concrete paver specialist proudly serving San Diego County.

Driveway Pavers

When it comes to choosing your driveway pavers, you want to make sure the chosen material can handle the constant load of vehicular traffic. You need a driveway paver that will not only complement the look of your property, for it will be a feature, but also one that is durable and can stand the test of time.

San Diego Pavers only uses pavers that are known for being the highest quality driveway pavers on the market. You can choose the look that you want to achieve knowing that the durability of your pavers will be perfect for a driveway installation.

Pool Deck Pavers

It’s the best part of your summer lifestyle; where sun-soaked days end with relaxed evenings. Your pool deck will make a splash even before you enter the pool. Concrete pavers make the ideal material for pool decks. When it comes to the aesthetics of your pool deck, you will be delighted with the variety of design possibilities.

The great thing about concrete pavers is that they are a manufactured product, which means you have unlimited choices in colors, shapes, sizes and textures. Your Pool deck will not only be stunning to look at, but it will also be durable.

San Diego Pavers offers a line of concrete paver products that are the direct result of decades of testing to ensure we install only the most sustainable and functional pavers available.

Patio Pavers

Envision an outdoor space that beckons loved ones to gather; San Diego Pavers will give you the ultimate patio to be used for any occasion. Bringing your patio dreams to life has never been easier, with our team of qualified designers.

Possibilities abound, limited only by your imagination, San Diego Pavers will create an elegantly unified patio that will become the envy of the neighborhood. Inspired by nature, but created by your imagination, our hardscape team will offer you an everlasting elegance that creates a sense of luxury and ease.

Backyard Pavers

Maximize your backyard space with a design that is all your own.

Let San Diego Pavers build you a completely custom backyard which may include a firepit and seating area to enjoy a beautiful San Diego evening. A variety of colors and textures allow you to have unlimited possibilities to both complement and enhance the natural beauty of any surrounding while being friendly to the environment.

Concrete pavers can withstand the forces of weather, water and traffic making them a good choice for cool as well as warm climates.

Courtyard Pavers

Whether you’re looking to add some old world charm to your courtyard or contemporary flair, San Diego Pavers offers a variety of concrete pavers, including pavers with the look and feel of brick and stone.

We can help you create eye-catching courtyard designs. We offer residential pavers in a number of styles, shapes, and tones to help you add the right personality and charm to transform your outdoor living spaces. And, in addition to style, San Diego Pavers only offers concrete pavers which are designed to be strong, durable and environmentally friendly, ensuring your courtyard will stand the test of time.

Entrance Pavers

It’s where you welcome family and friends and connect with the neighborhood. A new San Diego Pavers front entrance and walkway creates an inviting transition into your home and connects all the elements of your landscape.

This is just one additional way to add a warm and inviting look to your house and have a paver entrance installed.

There are hundreds of different styles, colors, and patterns that can be used. We would be happy to send a certified designer to your home to help you create your dream design which will lead your guests into your already amazing house.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be a great addition to any outdoor space. Generally, they serve one of two purposes.

The main use of retaining wall blocks is to do what their name implies – retain earth. If you have a slope or grade in your yard on your property that you need to retain for structural reasons, retaining wall blocks are the best way to do this. From an aesthetics perspective, all of the retaining wall blocks we install are produced by the same companies that manufacture our paver products, therefore you get colors and blends that complement each other very well.

The other and more frequent use of retaining walls in California is decorative. The same paver manufacturer’s wall blocks can be used to build stand-alone sitting areas, fire pits, columns for pergolas, landscape walls which add elevation to your yard, privacy walls, and of course, retaining walls which hold back earth are very decorative as well.